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Six Degrees of Separation theory
“Anywhere Everywhere” implies “All-rounded”. Our objective is to fully understand the backgrounds and considerations of both our clients and candidates, and to provide them with tailor-made services that best fit their needs. “Six Degrees” comes from the Six Degrees of Separation Theory, which states that any person in the world can be connected to any other person through a chain of acquaintances with no more than five intermediaries. Connections and networks are both the vital elements in the whole recruitment process. It is our aim to connect people with different diversities to our clients who have international and highly diversified business coverage.
Relationship and Understanding
The two main pillars of our recruitment philosophy are Relationship and Understanding. We emphasise the importance of maintaining good relationships with both our clients and candidates as well as the understanding of their needs. We strive to communicate consistently with our clients and candidates to maintain mutual understanding throughout the whole recruitment process. Every single element of the recruitment process are ever changing and it is essential for all parties to understand each other clearly. Close communication with our clients and candidates ensure smooth information flow and recruitment process, preventing potential misunderstandings.

We aim to connect people from different diversities and to provide a full aspect of services for the best interest and development for all parties. Hence, Relationship and Understanding are the core values we always hold on to.
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